Zig Zag Zen
Acrylic and epoxy on canvas

This is the first large scale work with the squiggles I did.  It was originally supposed to be a flat painting, but I got the wild hair to do layers of epoxy after picking some up.  The piece is built up from seven different layers of epoxy, painted with acrylic to increase the depth, and show a slight parallax effect.

The work itself is thematically simple, it’s about psychedelic Buddhism.  The piece is named after the book, an anthology of essays on the intersection of Psychedelia and Buddhism. The general notion being, that psychedelics are a tool to access some of the same truths that can be found in Buddhism, and that the mental discipline of Buddhism can stabilize the journey and help with reintegration. I see Psychedelic Buddhism as a type of Tantra for the Fourth Turning of the wheel of Dhamma.