Oil on canvas

I’ve been working with religious topics since early in my painting career.  Depicted here is the Pieta, the scene where Mary holds the dying Jesus. This particular take looks at Mary as a mother holding the blood of christ as represented by the red cloth.  This painting holds a lot of contrasts for me: I see the blood of christ versus his body, cloth vs flesh, new mother vs a mother hold her adult son. I see it touching menstruation, stillbirth, miscarriage.  I see hope vs despair, sadness vs salvation.

The subject of the red cloth has become a common theme in my work.  I come back to it frequently over the years where it usually takes center stage.  The red cloth is often a stand in for blood, carnality, and femininity.

Sacrilege has also been common topic for me, which I find ironic given how much time, devotion, and respect I give to religion.  I find myself drawn to the rebellious aspects of religion like Tantra, death worship, protest and venerating the low. I’ve always admired Jesus for storming into the market.