I am available for fine art, design and illustration commission, depending on the project.  I am taking only select projects that fit within my body of work, or that I am eager to accomplish for myself.  

For my purposes, fine art and design/illustration work are different. For fine art pieces (paintings, drawings, sculpture) I control the direction of the work on my own terms, but with initial input from the client.  Design and illustration work on the other hand is made to suit a purpose and led by the client's needs, generally things like logos, cover art, etc.   

For fine art commissions I will first meet with you to find out your desires and see if the work is a match for what I'm doing.  The specifics of the details get hammered out per piece.

Design and illustration commissions are client led projects, generally for commercial interests.  Design work has a different license than the fine art commissions, and the process is slightly different in that we take several rounds of scheduled revisions before reaching the final desired goal.  

I am actively looking for:

  • Funerary portrait projects where the client sends me the ashes of their loved one and I incorporate the ashes into a painting commemorating their passing. 
  • Murals
  • Album covers

Once the project has been established, a formal contract will be sent with the terms and conditions, artwork licensing, and parameters for the work. The deposit and minimum price for all commissions is $500 dollars.  The final price is dependent on the size, materials, complexity and license of the work.   If you're looking for a general idea of how much a commissioned work might be, please look at my originals page for pricing on similar items.