Limited Edition Pashminas on sale on 12/07/2020

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AyáAyá is my intention setting piece for when I get to take my first Ayahuasca ceremony, hopefully in 2021 COVID permitting.  It is my gift to Aya herself, to her legacy.
It was painted in acrylics over the course of three years as I reasearched the different elements in the painting.

The blue snakes are in the shape of the molecules for DMT and harmaline.  The flowers are themselves a source of Harmaline, and the vines the source of DMT.  The frogs are the poisonous dart frogs used in the Amazon.  The toads are Bufo Alvarius, the source of 5-meo DMT.  All of these plants and animals can be found in the Amazon.

The pashmina scarf